Here you can see a small selection of our work.

Figure 1 scana


Finished product that is ready for packing and shipping to offshore in Angola. The pictures show 4 different surface treatments that we have performed. A 15 meter long Wear casing that is painted in accordance with Norsok standard (yellow color), and a 15 meter long Riser sealing mandrel, which is surface treated with both Zinc phosphate, Xylan (black) as well as Metalization on the rest exterior. All performed at the same location at Jæren Surface Treatment.
Sandnes Kulturhus bryne Rør

Sandnes Culture House – Bryne Rør

Surface treatment of pipes to be used for heat, sprinklers and cooling systems.
Pipe Sultzer


Surface treatment of risers for Sulzer fire pumps.
valves metallization

Valves – metallization

Finished metallized valvesto be used on the Ivar Aasen field!

Drammen Station

These are fibreglass cable cars, which will be installed near the existing building floor at Drammen Station. Jæren Overflatebehandling is responsible for the surface treatment.
Nordic steel frame

Nordic Steel

Finished surface treated and marked Subsea frame. The frame benefits on the Gjøa field in the North Sea! The subsea framework will be part of a system that will monitor the movements of a flexible riser.