HSE improvement with anti-slip paint

Effektiv løsning for å forhindre skli- og snubleskader

Tank etter1

Water tanks for tunnel washing

Norway is one of the countries in the world with the most tunnels on the road network, and every year kilometers of new tunnels are built. Washing tunnels reduces the risk of accidents and leads to increased traffic safety. We`re happy to contribute with our expertise in surface treatment.


IVAR water treatment plant, Langevatn

“IVAR vannbehandlingsanlegg Langevatn” is the largest facility in the region. The facility, which was established in 1959, is located in Gjesdal municipality and supplies 11 IVAR municipalities with drinking water. The plant has the capacity to process 2500 liters of water per second, and collects untreated water from Romsvatn / Stølsvatn in Bjerkreim and Storavatn…


Drammen Station

These are cableways in fiberglass, which will be installed near the existing building mass at Drammen Station. Jæren Surface treatment is responsible for the surface treatment.