Quality from Jæren

About us

Jæren Overflatebehandling was established by brothers Kenneth and Rune Sikveland in 2004. Both are still active in the company and their entrepreneurial mentality has become part of the corporate culture.

We are a competent and solution-oriented work team that puts great diligence into the work. If required, we'll turn around quickly. As a rule, we find a solution. Besides, we like challenges.

Chasing improvements is a natural part of the daily work of Jæren Overflatebehandling. We are committed to innovation and are closely monitoring developments in the industry nationally as internationally.

The goal is to acheive the most optimal solutions for the customer's products and equipment. Therefore, the dialogue with the customer is essential. We are happy to provide advice and part of our experiences. Good collaboration often gives the best results. We have an active relationship with our customers. Several of them have also been with us since the beginning, which we are grateful for.


An active relationship with HSEQ both in the workplace and with customers, visitors and employees is essential in a business like ours.

To our customers, the following applies:

  • We will be a leading supplier in industrial surface treatment.
  • We will deliver surface treatment with the right quality and in accordance with agreements entered into.
  • We will keep up to date with the laws, requirements and regulations that apply to our business and industry.
  • We do not accept harm to people, equipment/materials or the environment. Safety should always come first.
  • We work with continuous improvement for the eye, so that we meet the customers' customers' needs through the quality management system, NS-EN ISO 9001.
  • We will focus on the environment and waste management.
  • We focus on the expertise, knowledge and training of our employees, which is our most important resource.

Through systematic health, safety and environment work, employees and management shall carry out the necessary measures and comply with good procedures to avoid and to prevent both workplace injuries and environmental and environmental pressures.

Our HSEQ targets are followed up, evaluated and revised annually.