Xylan coating


Longer service life and less maintenance

The Xylan thin film coating ensures low friction, longer service life and less maintenance. The treatment is particularly suitable for objects subject to corrosion or chemical impact and has been used in the offshore industry, especially in subsea, over several decades. The reduced maintenance requirement as a result of the Xylan treatment results in shorter outages.

Xylan is suitable for protecting two sliding surfaces from each other and for corrosion-resistant processing of objects that can be easily unscrewed.
It has lubricating properties and provides particularly good protection against corrosion, often in combination with the pretreatment of phosphate.

With us Xylan we process both whole objects and parts of objects. Everything is of course carried out to the customer's requirements and specifications and Xylan is available in a wide color range.

  • achieve low coefficient of friction
  • protect two sliding surfaces against each other
  • possible a later dismantling without the risk of material breakdown
  • protect against corrosion attacks
  • noise reduction
  • make the surface withstand both very low and high temperatures
  • insulate components against electrical penetration
  • give equipment the right color code

We carry out the processing according to standards and/or to the customer's own specifications.

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