Here you can see a small selection of our work.


Deliveries to the electrification of Edvard Grieg

Ready boilers ready for delivery to the Edvard Grieg field. These have been metallized according to our own procedures, which are checked and approved by the end customer to meet their requirements and specifications. Another great job performed by skilled employees, where Jæren quality is reflected.

Hose reels and lifting frames

4 sets of hose reels and lifting frames that have been surface treated according to Norsok M501 System 1.

Makes torque pulling easier with Xylan coating

For this customer we have used Xylan type 1424, which is a water-based, harppiks-bound dry film lubricant. It is designed to provide very good corrosion protection in general on Subsea equipment. In addition, it is widely used to facilitate torque pulling on bolts, nuts etc.

HSE improvement with anti-slip paint

Effective solution to prevent slip and tripry damageSlid protection for wet environments or areas with heavy trafficA can get several types of grain sizes, depending on how much fuse a needPaint also has anti corrosive properties in aggressive environments

From Jæren to West Africa

New riser products processed for our customer The products are 15 meters long and we have treated these with black Xylan coating throughout the ID as well as the exterior of the flange. The rest of the risers we have used metallization (TSA ) as surface treatment. Pressure testing and final inspection will be carried out by the customer, before delivery to the final destination, which is outside West Africa.


The image shows a 4.5T component called Unihead. This component is to be offshore and installed in well. It is used to hang and insulate different sizes of casings. Once the well is fully drilled and completed, an X-mass three is installed on top of it, and production can continue through this. The surface treatments that we have carried out on this are Zinc phosphation and Xylan coating inside, as well as Norsok system 1 exterior. We've masked out areas that shouldn't have surface treatment.

Delivery to offshore and onshore industry

Frames and plate, manufactured by Depro As, painted by us in system to withstand offshore loads. Pipe structures that will carry our drinking water. These are painted with a special paint and procedure approved for drinking water systems. Thankful that we can contribute our expertise!
Tank after1

Water tanks for tunnel washing

Norway is one of the countries in the world with the most tunnels on the road network, and every year kilometres of new tunnels are built. Washing tunnels reduces the risk of accidents and leads to increased road safety. It's nice that we get to contribute our expertise in surface treatment.
Ivar2 - Wikipedia

IVAR water treatment plant Langevatn

IVAR water treatment plant Langevatn is the largest plant in the region. The plant, established in 1959, is located in Gjesdal municipality and supplies 11 IVAR municipalities with drinking water. The plant has the capacity to process 2500 liters of water per second, and retrieves untreated water from Romsvatn/Stølsvatn in Bjerkreim and Storavatn in Gjesdal.Vi in Jæren Surface Treatment is both proud and grateful to be a supplier on the surface treatment of a total of about 1.6 km of water pipes.
Basket with tools

Depro -

Depro basket with Subsea tools, filled with ROV equipment to install and connect to subsea ocean frames for the oil and gas industry. The surface treatment used here is paint in accordance with the Norsok M-501 (yellow color) as well as Xylan coating on the ROV handles ( orange color ).